About Me

I qualified as a solicitor in a City law firm in 2008. After a spell in environmental law I decided I didn’t want to spend all my time in an office, so now I am now what they call a (non-practising) solicitor and fully insured Will Writer.

I have clients in the Buddhist community across the UK and other clients from all walks of life in and around London.  It’s satisfying to help people think important decisions through, overcome particular concerns and work out what’s best for them, their families and other beneficiaries.

I also teach meditation at the London Buddhist Centre and lead mindfulness courses at the Breathing Space project. I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2011 and lead a Buddhist class at Eton College.

The first Will I wrote…

My friend was 62 when he died suddenly of a severe stroke. My partner and I had been traveling the Trans- Mongolian railway with him, taking trains all the way from London to Bangkok. Just before the trip I convinced him to write a Will. Just after the trip of a lifetime, he died. I don’t know of course, but maybe it was some help to him as he slipped into unconscious, to know that his affairs were basically in order. If we are suddenly confronted with death we do not want to have to deal with a strong feeling of unfinished business. A Will is one way of minimizing this and dying well. Of course you can change a Will or write one on your death bed if time permits. In my friend’s case time did not permit. He had no immediate family. Without a Will his substantial estate would have passed either to a distant cousin (who he couldn’t bear!) or to HM Treasury. As it was it went to the friends he considered family and in large part to a charity close to his heart.