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“Satyadasa was very helpful and kind when I met with him to discuss my will. There were a few points that I wasn’t clear about and he clarified those for me. I highly recommend him if you’re thinking about writing a will.”

Siddhisvari (Merilyn)


All inclusive will preparation service £225.

  • Initial chat. I will answer questions on wills and help you decide if you want and / or need to use the service.
  • Finding out more. (In person or phone) A one-to-one meeting to find out your wishes and individual circumstances. I can clarify the law as necessary and prompt you to think of things you might not have considered, both for now and future scenarios.
  • Follow-ups. If necessary further follow ups on any points raised.
  • Writing the Will. I will draft the Will and send it to you for approval and, when it is in final form, help you properly execute it.
  • I aim do all this in a friendly, supportive and confidential context giving you the information and the time you need to consider things properly.


For a couple (married / civil partner or living together) — sometimes called mirror Wills because there are matters which you will probably want to consider jointly. (Though your Wills are still two separate documents).


£200 for one, £375 for two, £600 for four.

Service includes

  • Advice on lasting powers of attorney for health & welfare and finance & property.
  • Drafting and completing all paperwork.
  • Registration with the Office of the Public Guardian (extra court fee £82 per LPA).


Service includes

  • Your Will and other documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney stored securely & easily accessible to you at any time and your Executors when you die.
  • One year’s storage fee deducted from any future changes you need to make.
  • Registration cards for your Executors to show them where it is.
  • Will registered on a national will archive.


Should you need a trust written into your Will or have other estate planning needs then different charges apply and you will be advised of these in advance. Trusts are a way of giving flexibly to future generations and/ or protecting your property. They are not suitable in all cases.

Not much to give away? If you don’t have much property its still worth writing a Will. I am happy to consider writing a simple Will for you at a reduced rate in such circumstances. Please contact me.

Please see here for full terms and conditions. I offer a 14 day cooling off period on all instructions taken.

DIY Wills: A cheap online DIY Will company may check that your Will is technically valid but they are unlikely to offer the service above. There are many considerations when making a Will which are not at all obvious, even if you have what you consider simple wishes.


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